2D Animator/Director Devoted to Hand-Drawn Frame by Frame Animation


Video Installation




Neely Goniodsky has directed and animated over twenty-five short films including productions at the National Film Board of Canada, The New York Times, and Seattle University. She holds a master’s degree in Animation from Royal College of Arts, London, and a bachelor’s degree in Animation from Concordia University, Montreal.

Neely has been animating for over 15 years with her works reflecting an ever-ongoing search for new styles and expressions. Neely is interested in interpreting the human condition through abstract narrative and visual experimentation attempting to translate reality into visual poetry. She explores a combination of traditional animation techniques including ink and paint on paper, cut-out collage, under the camera animation, computer drawing, and 2D computer animation. Beyond animation, Neely’s works include video installations, paintings, drawings, and collage.

Neely had received several awards and nominations, most recently including Best Animated Short Award at Local Sightings Film Festival, Seattle and the GAP grant from Artist Trust. Other awards include being selected to be the first Artist in Residence at the Northwest Film Forum, 4Culture Award, a finalist of the Artist Trust Arts Innovator Award, and numerous Canada Council and CALQ grants. Neely’s films have been screened at many US and international film festival including Animasivo, the NW Animation Festival, Portland, Ottawa International Animation Film Festival, Anifilm Czech Republic, Animafest Zagreb, and Encounters Bristol, UK. Neely’s noteworthy productions include Conception Series Season 2 for The New York Times, The Smiths, a Seattle University production, and Pearl, a National Film Board of Canada production.

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